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Get Support

Cost should never be a barrier to receiving support when you need it most. Review the programs below and find the option that works best for your mental wellness journey.

Thrive in Therapy

If you make less than $1700/month, you may qualify for free therapy.

Community Care

Upcoming free groups, wellness classes, and workshops.
Uplift May.png
Uplift - Drop-in Support Group

Mondays starting May 1st | Zoom

Elevate May 2023.png
Elevate: My Mental Health Journey
Inner Work - T. Morrison.png
Doing the Inner Work

Thurs. May 25th | Zoom

Sat. May 13th | The Scentuary

Developing Mental Wellness Warriors

If your organization is interested in signing up for low-cost professional development training, including Mental Health First Aid, contact us below:
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