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“It feels good just to have someone to listen who is supportive, understanding, and non- judgmental. I loved my sessions and was excited each week to be able to attend them knowing that I would get a lot back, more than just a listening ear but someone who is listening and also offering solutions to whatever you feel your issues are. They acknowledged that my feelings were valid, no matter what they were.”

D., age 31

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Thrive in Therapy

Thrive in Therapy is a holistic mental wellness care that offers free individual therapy to women experiencing multiple barriers to care. 

Below are the steps to get started with therapy. 
Please complete each step. Failure to follow instructions will delay you in beginning therapy.

Step 1: Choose a Therapist

To see the therapists helping women thrive.

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Step 2: Fill out our Client Registration Form.

Complete this form on a laptop or desktop. People who use their phones have issues with submitting the form. Have your  ID and proof of income or public assistance ready to upload to the form. Do not fill out the form below if you are a Medicaid Recipient.

Program Qualifications:

  • You must be an Illinois resident.

  • Make less than $1700/month to qualify.

  • Be ages 18+

  • Can commit to attending 8 therapy sessions.

  • Complete therapy virtually in a private, quiet place.

  • Complete all intake paperwork for the program.

Medicaid Recipients

We provide free therapy to Medicaid recipients above the age of 18 who have the following plans:

  • Meridian

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Community

  • Molina

  • County Care

  • Aetna Better Health

  • State of Illinois Medical Card

Have a photo of your ID and Medicaid Health Plan Card to fill out the form below:

Step 3: Schedule a 15 min. phone intake.

Please note that if you do not fill out the Client Registration form first your scheduled intake session will be deleted.


To learn how Thrive in Therapy is making a difference,

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